What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

"Natasha is more excited about music class than any other thing we do. She lights up when I say that we're off to Music Together®! She dances around and can sing all the songs when we play them at home."

Tanja Epps, mom to Natasha

"Danni Cauley has such warmth and such a generous spirit toward children. All of the kids, shy and rambunctious alike, are charmed by her."

Katy Killilea, mom to Briggs

"My daughter, Ainsley, and I are enjoying your class so much! This is our first experience with Music Together. Ainsley listens to the Fiddle CD in the car and at home and just loves it. In just the past 4 weeks, I have seen her develop from a listener and observer to a little toddler who stomps and dances around her living room!!! She asks for her music just about every day -- she calls it the "hello music" -- because of the first song "Hello everybody..." It is so wonderful to see her enjoying music and expressing herself through song and dance! We'll be signing up for the next session for sure!"

Robin & Ainsley

"We listen to our CD every day. On a long car trip recently, the disc was a lifesaver - every time my ten month old got fussy, we put in the CD and he quieted down - even fell asleep! "

Mary Rapien, mom to Lucien

"After every song in the Music Together class, Abby yells "again, again!" She loves all of the different songs! And every day after we drop her sister off at preschool she tells me that she wants to go to Miss Danni's music class. And if I tell her that she is doing something else that day as it is not Wed (our Music Together day) she will cry and say, "wanna go to music class with Miss Danni!" Abby wishes every day was a Music Together day."

Robin Putnam, mom to Abby